Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform

Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform™, also known as Nebula Software Marketplace Platform as a Product for businesses, is one of its kind of cloud based software marketplace platform available in the market today.

It is a unique digital commerce platform for both B2B, B2C enterprises who want to grow their business globally.


The platform is multi-cloud enabled (AWS, Azure, ncloud Swiss) to empower ISV's, OEMs, Distributors, Resellers, and other Software Vendors of all sizes to move from on premise IT to cloud enabled digital commerce platform.

It is powered to host and sell Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) based products and solutions through its single window platform.

The platform is industry agnostic, and vendor agnostic, and is completed web-enabled and online. ISV’s and Software vendors can use this platform to run, manage and sell their range of Software Products. Customers get a dongle based perpetual license.

Build your own white-label marketplace instantly with Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform and sell your core services or third-party cloud apps. It helps save months of product development efforts and time to Go-To-Market.

Also vendors looking for Cloud hosting partners for their range of software products can use this platform for distribution and product management.

Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform™ is the only tool available in the market, which helps customers to use the platform as a vendor, reseller or developer.

Every aspect is automated and seamlessly integrated in our powerful dashboard, so customers spend as little time as possible on menial tasks and focus on revenue drivers.

Stay ahead of the competition by launching a fully operational white-label marketplace quickly.

Nebula Cloud platform empowers companies to sell any digital asset, with any “as a Service” pricing.

Core features include: provisioning, automated billing, subscription management and more.

Enjoy unprecedented scalability at the right price – all with a few clicks!

Silent Features of the Platform


Give your customers the store they’ve been waiting for. With Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform, you can seamlessly deliver a personalized shopping experience for each of your customers.

Benefits, features, reviews, honest, unbiased customer ratings – all are available at a glance. Through a fully customizable look & feel for your own storefront, your customers can instantly try the apps suggested, enjoy free trials and demo sessions.

And obviously subscribe or consume any service through a hassle-free, continuously tested customer journey. Our integrated multi-level customer support is designed to delight every tech buyer in your marketplace.


Forget about churn rates. When you offer your customers all the digital assets they need, along with a unified payment and billing gateway, there is no reason for them to look elsewhere.

One of the biggest pain points of vendors of any kind in modern economies, the high churn rates, becomes moot with Nebula Cloud.

Empowered with tools to upsell and cross-sell like couponing bundling and cross-promotions, you can easily retain customers and boost your revenue.


Our state-of-the-art development centre makes inviting and on boarding customers and vendors a breeze. The product vendors can easily manage their own dashboard and showcase their products to the customers. Vendors can define their own pricing for the products and launch the services in a matter of minutes, than traditional long waiting procurement cycles.

The reporting and insights are also automated, which means customers and vendors get more time to work on their business objectives and deliver optimal results. Better yet, payments, invoicing and customer relationship management are also a breeze to manage.

Nebula Cloud is a hub that takes care of all the needs of developers, vendors, sellers and resellers. Integration testing and management, product sandbox, status reports and event logs are all available at a glance.


Our marketplace suite puts you 100% in charge of the digital software products catalogue. With a few clicks, you can define your product categories, merchandising strategies and product placement.

It’s just as easy to sell your own products or to resell other products and services and boost your revenue with minimal effort.

Forget about high-cost of back office and development work.

Marketing, customer service and billing are all automated and can now be easily managed even by a small team or build up your own digital assets comprised of several products and services bundled together, no matter if provided by you or in partnership with your trusted vendors, to delight your customer base.


Want to get paid with 0 effort on your part?

Nebula Enterprise Cloud Brokerage Platform makes it possible!

Your customers can forget about tens of passwords and individual websites for each app they use. Welcome them to the future – the place where all they need is one password for one website: your marketplace.

Customers can manage all their web-based business applications and services in a single store: yours. At the same time, billing can be automated and so can customer collaboration, adding team members, support and so much more.

As for you, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your increasing ROI. While customers manage and customize their own bills and purchases, Nebula Cloud transfers the funds in your merchant account without you lifting a finger. It’s never been easier to get paid!

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